TRX Power Package: X1000
TRX Power Package: X1000
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TRX Power Package: X1000


TRX Power Package: X1000

The ultimate power package for your TRX from TRXMods.


1000+ hp


TRX Power Pack 5

-Whipple 3.0 Supercharger Stage 2 Kit

-Bwoody Intake System

-IAT Map Harness

-TBA Machine Adjustable Idler or Bwoody Adjustable Idler

-FIC 1200cc Injectors with PNP Adapters

-JMS Dual Boost a Pump

-HP Tuners MPVI2 Cable + 6 for Credits

-PCM Unlock

-180 Thermostat

-Bwoody Crank Pin Kit

-UPR Fender Mount Catch Can

-American Racing Headers 2x3

-American Racing Headers Mids

-ATi Lower Pulley

-Custom ZHTunes PCM and TCM Tune (Dual Maps) Pump Gas and Ethanol

 If you already have some of these mods or other brands we can work with you on price to put this package together. Please contact us with any questions.

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